Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blizzard conditions

Christmas was wonderful! I enjoyed the gathering we had with my husband's family on the 22nd. Then, on the 25th with our kids and my family. It was so much fun watching our 3 grandchildren play together. They had a ball. 

Today, we are snowed in--I mean really snowed in. No travel on the roads--we've got around 10-12 inches. So, it's been a pj day and catching up on shows from the DVR. But, I finally decided I'd check email. 

I have to admit I have started thinking about the week we go back. Some areas are in place like reading, grammar, writing. It's math I've got to think more about. We use Envision and decided we'd supplement the week we go back. It does not cover all that the kids need in order to take their next benchmark. We've got a great grade level. We each worked to gather materials, handed everyone a copy, and we decided what to use that week.

At some point, I will go in and get my classroom ready. But, for today--it's just the snow and us doing whatever we want. Stay warm and safe!



  1. Where do you teach? I teach in NY and we have over a foot of snow right now...and it's still coming down!

    Elementary School Garden

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I teach in central Indiana...close to Bloomington and south of Indianapolis. It is still snow today as well. Just keeps piling up. Are you on break? We go back on Jan. 7th. Thanks for following. I'm new at this, but am loving it. I'll head over to your site. Enjoy your day! Susan