Thursday, December 13, 2012

Children's Programs and One More Week

I went to see my granddaughter in her Christmas Music Program this evening. It was a western theme, and very cute. She was so excited. For me, it brought back memories of watching her Mommy--my daughter--in her elementary programs. They are just all so special. I saw such eager, excited faces watching for their families in the audience. And, then, there's the wave that you get, and return with a big smile. 

We have one more week to go before Christmas break. I've got plans that include crafts, a short study of Christmas customs around the world, Christmas themed movies, and of course our party on Friday. There will also be Christmas music playing during work time, and probably some sweet treats in there somewhere. 

I've made some headway in adding a few things to the page. My hope is to get some things uploaded to share with everyone while on break. 

Have a great weekend!   

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