Sunday, January 13, 2013

Windows Question

I'm thinking about a new computer. I have questions regarding Windows 8. Do any of you use it? How do you like it? I'm using Vista at this point. I know the new computers come loaded with W8--just wondering how you liked it? Also, I have never had Publisher. If you use it, what do you like about it versus using Word? So many things to wonder about, and it really helps when someone can give you a little info. I would truly appreciate any sharing regarding these.

Raining here again. It's rained tons over last night and again today. We have flood warnings out. 
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I use Publisher {almost exclusively} because it has the benefits of Power Point and Word combined. You can copy a page EXACTLY from another page and it is formatted identically... Word has a tendency to move things when copied and isn't as user friendly. Hope this helps ... I didn't know how detailed of an opinion you needed. Hee Hee!

    ~Nikki T
    Smart Tarts Learning

  2. Thanks Nikki. I have a new computer. I am waiting on the Office 365 to come out on January 29th, and then I will have Publisher. I have heard from many that it is the way to go. They are offering a subscription now to get the total product--Office--with a 5 license usage for a fee of $99 per year. You renew it yearly, however you are always guaranteed the most recent version. That is what I was told at Office Depot.