Sunday, May 19, 2013

Countdown is On!

We are into our final week. The kids' last day is 5/23. Our work day is 5/24. The last day is a fun frolic outside in back of the school. The kids always look forward to this. I have made my promotion certificates and 4th grading period honor roll certificates. I also printed off certificates for my kids from the Sum Dog site. They will be surprised. I thought the site did a great job with the design. What kid doesn't like to get a certificate for their work?

We took our 3rd graders to the local YMCA for a morning field trip. They had stations all set up for the kids to do. Everyone had a wonderful time. The activities were really good. Spent the afternoon in a local park with a picnic, playground, basketball, and trails.

I am officially retiring from teaching at the end of this year. However, I am still going to continue with my blog and designing materials. My hope is to reach more followers and get many more designs out there. There was not enough time before. I know the need is there with fellow teachers in finding materials. I, myself, was a frequent buyer from TPT and TN.

If anyone has ideas they would like to share as to how to get my blog out there for others to see, I would appreciate your insight. I really enjoy reading other blogs. I may be retiring, but I still have a dedicated conviction to helping others learn. I don't see that ever going away.

So, for all who are close to ending this school year--sit back and know you have made a difference! :-)