Friday, October 4, 2013

Scarecrow Writing Activity

Do you like scarecrows? I think they are one of the cutest parts of the seasonal decorations. So, I decided to create a writing activity based upon describing scarecrows. It is a practice activity for after paragraph writing has been introduced. Descriptive writing is an important level in learning the writing process and its different forms. Students can pull upon a given word bank along with their own knowledge to describe what they see in a picture prompt.

The first activity has students looking at a given color picture of a scarecrow. They have a Descriptive Writing Guide to help them make notes about what they see. After completing the Guide, students are then directed to write a topic sentence of introduction followed by sentences describing what they see in detail.

The second activity lets students create their own picture of a scarecrow complete with added details. After completing their picture, students again use the Guide to note what they see. This leads them to their topic sentence followed by sentences describing in detail what they see. A twist to this activity allows students to be critical readers looking for the correct picture that matches a given paragraph.

You may find this packet in either of my stores:

Have fun with this seasonal writing activity!!

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