Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Story Elements

Good evening everyone!
  We actually had a little sleet here awhile ago. I guess it is possible even if not wanted. :-)
  So, I remember doing so much with story elements with my 3rd graders. I started with the normal ones: setting, characters, problem, events, solution. Then, I added genre and theme. I like for students to have a reference sheet they can use when necessary--like all of the elements' definitions. It was also good to have a practice sheet.
  We'd go through one at a time, introduce it, give examples, talk about it. Eventually we'd practice it. I had to refresh their memories from time to time with more practice.
  Well, I've put all of this together in my Story Elements Activity Packet. It's 30 pages of introduction, practice, reference sheets, and a Trifold Assessment for individual stories. I also added compare/contrast sheets to do between two stories for the elements. These sheets have graphic organizers that are always important for students to use.
  This packet can be found at both of my stores:

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