Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Turkey Writes" Packet

I love writing. For the most part, I always enjoyed teaching the process to my students. I loved seeing their growth throughout the year. It takes a good chunk of time to do writing. I only hope it does not get squeezed more as new things are implemented.

I have a writing packet about Thanksgiving that I have called "Turkey Writes". There are 10 writing prompts to choose from, and each prompt includes a writing title page where I have actually printed the prompt and lines to begin below it, lined page to continue writing, and an illustration page.

There is also a word bank of Thanksgiving words for students to refer to while writing. A graphic organizer using beginning, middle, and ending is included for planning.

There are also picture prompts, poetry, and list writing. Please check out this packet at my stores:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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