Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TPT Sale Begins Today

Today is the big day--TPT Teachers are Heroes Sale! Click the button below to take you there. Have a tremendous amount of fun shopping through stores! Thanks for stopping by at Imagination StationSusan J

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Teachers are Heroes Freebie!!

In honor of all of the hard-working teachers out there, I have a new Math Meeting Form that is a Freebie at my TPT Store. Please click the link below to get your free product. My teachers were my heroes when I was in school, and I was honored to teach 31 years thanks to all of them! Susan J



Teachers Pay Teachers loves sales, and so do I!! Time to gear up for the big sale tomorrow--Wednesday, February 25th! You can save 20% on items in my shop. And, by using the promo code, you will save an additional 10%. Happy shopping! Susan J


Just click on the link to take you there!!

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Monday, February 23, 2015


It's time to do some serious shopping folks!! TPT believes teachers are heroes! So, they are sponsoring a sale in our honor. Use the Promo Code for a savings of 28%!! How cool is that?

Be sure to click on the button below to take you to my shop where you can create a wish list to use on Wednesday. My cart is already filling with great resources!    Susan J


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Research Project!

This is the time of year I especially liked to have my students work on research projects. Since students love animals, I decided to make a "Researching Animals from Africa" project packet. This project includes ideas, note-taking sheets with research subtopics, final research forms that include illustrating the habitat and marking the location on a map, and each animal is on a cover sheet that includes realistic clip art pictures. I think students will love to dig into this research!! The product is in both of my stores. Enjoy!! Susan



Saturday, February 7, 2015

Antonym & Synonym Matching Kisses download

Hello friends! If you have downloaded this activity, please download it again. It has been corrected in both of my stores. I appreciate the kind person calling my attention to an error, and I apologize for the mistake. Thank you so much!! Susan



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FREEBIE!! Alphabetical Hearts

Need some quick practice with alphabetical order? Head over to my stores to grab this Freebie product!! Alphabetical Hearts has 4 pages for students to practice this skill. Word hearts are in mixed order in a row. Students write the words in a-b-c order on the row line provided.
Enjoy!!  Susan


Monday, February 2, 2015

FREEBIE!!! Antonyms & Synonyms Matching Kisses

I always like teaching with word study materials. I thought with Valentine's Day not far away, I would design a word study for students to practice antonyms and synonyms. There are two sheets for antonyms and two sheets for synonyms. Great practice with the holiday theme. Best of all? It's FREE!!!

 You will find this delightful project in both of my stores. Happy Shopping!                                                                                                                             Happy Valentine's Day!! Susan