Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween Writing: Primary and Intermediate

Hello Friends!! Holiday writing is when I like to have my students practice reading/writing skills. I have developed 2 products--both are Halloween themed; one is primary and the other is intermediate. Student writers can choose from writing packet sets that include toppers: bat, cat, Dracula, Frankenstein, ghost, mummy, and witch. Big shout-out to Rebeccab-Designs for these really cute toppers. You can view more of her designs at:

Each set--no matter what level--includes: a cover page; p. 1 writing with clip art; p. 2 full sheet writing; p. 3 illustration (half page) and writing lines; graphic organizer for students to use the 6+Trait of organization for setting ideas, character choices, character traits, and possible problems. The set also has a Halloween Vocabulary Word Bank.

You can decide what further 6+Traits (beyond organization) you wish to include in your instruction, whether you want to take the writing through the full process, and how you wish to assess or not. Most of all, I hope your students have fun creating a Halloween story. Many times I have students sit in small writing circles of 5 or less to share their story. Then, they look great on the bulletin board or in the hallway to share with others.
You can find these products in my shops:

Enjoy! Susan