Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School Read Aloud Activity Packets

Read Alouds are a great way to share literature with the students in your class. They love to hear you read! I always like to use my document camera to project the books as I read. That way the illustrations are big enough to see, and so colorful. After the books are read, they can also be put in a center so students can reread the story as they do any part of the activity packet.

I have created activity packets for ten back to school titles. These packets are available in both primary and intermediate versions. Each packet includes the following materials: Teacher Story Chart (summary), Vocabulary Word Wall cards, Word Study activity for vocabulary, "Story Bits"-comprehension questions with an illustration, Written Response to Reading with illustrations, Character Sketch, Comic Strip retelling of the story, and a Word Search using vocabulary and character names. Any part of the packet would make a great display of student work. Students can also be placed in small literacy groups to discuss the story and their work with each other. The available titles are on the 2 posters.

These products are available at both my TPT and  TN stores.

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