Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Word Collector Book-Intermediate

Students can keep track of new words they have learned all year long with this booklet. They can add words daily based upon what you require. Possible words include sight words, word wall words, spelling words, subject words, and student names. This booklet becomes a spelling reference to use in writing and reading. 

The Cover Page has places for student information. It will be more durable if laminated. There is a Title Page that again has student information including the purpose of the book. Each letter of the Alphabet has one sheet with lines on both sides. Each Alphabet Page has space for up to 54 words. Each page is numbered. The letter reference at the top of each first page shows the letter in both manuscript and cursive. This may help to meet the needs of you and your students better.

Finally, there is a Back Cover Page with a copy of the Cursive Alphabet to be used as a reference for writing. This page should also be laminated for durability.

You can bind these booklets in many ways. If your school has a binding machine, that works best. If not, you can bind using string. This is an important reference tool for students to use anytime they are writing. These booklets can be found in either of my stores:

Enjoy!! Susan 

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