Sunday, July 23, 2017

How Do You Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich?

I just posted 2 new products! One is for primary and the other for intermediate. Expository writing can involve explaining something--like how to make a sandwich.

The primary product is a good introduction to this writing. The vocabulary is introduced. Students can pair up, trade vocabulary sheets, read the words, and check off the ones they know. The steps to making the sandwich are out of order. Students must read through the 8 steps and number them in the correct order. There is a student booklet where they can write one step on each page and add an illustration. To take it one step further, paragraph paper is provided to help students transfer their writing steps into a paragraph form.

                    HAPPY  WRITING!

And, the intermediate product goes more in depth. Activities include brainstorming vocabulary to use in writing, using transition words, rough draft, proofreading with Spell-Check and Editing sheet, and final copy. An extension is included to take students further. They may write each step with one or two additional sentences to make the step more clear.  You can copy enough of the booklet pages to have one step per page. Finally, they can add illustrations. This is done in a booklet form that can be bound however you like.

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