Monday, August 7, 2017

How Do You Make a Sandwich? Writing Packets in Primary & Intermediate Levels

These products allow students to explore Expository Writing. A given set of food items is provided with the option of adding additional items. Please read the summary for each level below. Products are available in both TPT and TN stores.
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This product gives students an opportunity to be introduced to Expository 
Writing at the Primary level. In this case, the writing explains how to make a sandwich that includes a given set of foods to use. Included are Lesson Ideas. There is a Word List with 20 topic words. This introduction lets students be exposed to the words and practice reading them. Students are given choices of food products to use. The directions for making the sandwich are written in Scrambled Sentences. Students will read through the 8 steps, circle their food choices, and then number them in the correct step order. A Student Writing Booklet allows students to write the steps in order in booklet form. There is also a frame for an illustration. An extension is also part of the product. There are two pages of paragraph writing paper. Doing this activity gives students the chance to transfer sentences into paragraph form. Finally, an illustrated food choice sheet lets students number the choices in step order.

 This product gives students an opportunity to practice Expository Writing at the Intermediate level. In this case, the writing explains how to make a sandwich. Included are Vocabulary Brainstorming pages for nouns/adjectives and verbs/adverbs. A list of vocabulary is also included, and it can have words added. A Transition Word page is also included for students to introduce the sequencing of their writing. A Spell-Check/Editing Sheet is provided for self-editing, peer-editing, or with the teacher. A Rough Draft is used first followed by the Final Copy after proofreading. There is also a Scrambled Sentences Option. As an extension of this activity, I have included a student cover page along with writing/illustration pages. This allows students to transfer sentence writing into paragraph form. They are also able to embellish on each step.

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