Monday, August 28, 2017

Yoko--Read Aloud Activity Packet

Hi friends. I have just posted this product in my shops. This book is a lovely story, and there are lots of opportunities to explore it.

Explore diversity using the Theme of Acceptance found in the read aloud book, Yoko, written by Rosemary Wells. This packet includes "Lesson Notes, Vocabulary List, Vocabulary Flashcards, Discussion Questions, Discussion Question Cards for small groups, Written Response, Short Answer Questions, Word Search, and a Story Snapshot." The "Lesson Notes" provides ideas on how to use the materials.

Grades 3-6 are targeted with the materials in the packet. It provides for writing, analyzing, using theme, story elements, and whole group/small group questioning.

You can find the product in my shops listed below. Thanks, and Have a Great Day!!!  Susan

Monday, August 21, 2017

Teachers Pay Teachers August 22nd Bonus Sale

TPT is sponsoring a 1 day Bonus Sale tomorrow, August 22nd!!! So, if you have products in mind--tomorrow will be the time to buy! All items in my store will be up to 25% off all day (Be sure to use the Promo Code: BTSBONUS). I have some items in my cart already. :-) Be sure to pass the word and ENJOY SHOPPING!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Student Word Collector Booklets: Primary & Intermediate

Want a way for students to save sight words, vocabulary, etc. throughout the year? These Word Collector Booklets provide a way for students to do just that.  
(Primary Example left)

(Intermediate Example right)

There is a page for each letter of the alphabet. It can be copied back-to-back to give double the amount of words. It's a great resource for students to use in spelling words, practice reading word lists, and feel more confident    about using words in their        writing. The Primary back       cover includes a Manuscript Alphabet, and the Intermediate includes a Cursive Alphabet for reference.

Susan :-)

Both products are available in my stores:

Monday, August 7, 2017

How Do You Make a Sandwich? Writing Packets in Primary & Intermediate Levels

These products allow students to explore Expository Writing. A given set of food items is provided with the option of adding additional items. Please read the summary for each level below. Products are available in both TPT and TN stores.
I love writing!!!  Susan

This product gives students an opportunity to be introduced to Expository 
Writing at the Primary level. In this case, the writing explains how to make a sandwich that includes a given set of foods to use. Included are Lesson Ideas. There is a Word List with 20 topic words. This introduction lets students be exposed to the words and practice reading them. Students are given choices of food products to use. The directions for making the sandwich are written in Scrambled Sentences. Students will read through the 8 steps, circle their food choices, and then number them in the correct step order. A Student Writing Booklet allows students to write the steps in order in booklet form. There is also a frame for an illustration. An extension is also part of the product. There are two pages of paragraph writing paper. Doing this activity gives students the chance to transfer sentences into paragraph form. Finally, an illustrated food choice sheet lets students number the choices in step order.

 This product gives students an opportunity to practice Expository Writing at the Intermediate level. In this case, the writing explains how to make a sandwich. Included are Vocabulary Brainstorming pages for nouns/adjectives and verbs/adverbs. A list of vocabulary is also included, and it can have words added. A Transition Word page is also included for students to introduce the sequencing of their writing. A Spell-Check/Editing Sheet is provided for self-editing, peer-editing, or with the teacher. A Rough Draft is used first followed by the Final Copy after proofreading. There is also a Scrambled Sentences Option. As an extension of this activity, I have included a student cover page along with writing/illustration pages. This allows students to transfer sentence writing into paragraph form. They are also able to embellish on each step.

Monthly Fact Research Products--Primary & Intermediate

These products are available in both primary and intermediate packets. Research practice on a monthly basis gives students the practice they need to become more familiar with the process and better researchers!! Happy Researching! Susan

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Just a Reminder--10 Read Aloud Packets for Back to School!

Back to School Read Aloud Activity Packets

(Back to School themed activities are always a great way to begin the year. The ten titles below are available in primary and intermediate packets.)
Read Alouds are a great way to share literature with the students in your class. They love to hear you read! I always like to use my document camera to project the books as I read. That way the illustrations are big enough to see, and so colorful. After the books are read, they can also be put in a center so students can reread the story as they do any part of the activity packet.

I have created activity packets for ten back to school titles. These packets are available in both primary and intermediate versions. Each packet includes the following materials: Teacher Story Chart (summary), Vocabulary Word Wall cards, Word Study activity for vocabulary, "Story Bits"-comprehension questions with an illustration, Written Response to Reading with illustrations, Character Sketch, Comic Strip retelling of the story, and a Word Search using vocabulary and character names. Any part of the packet would make a great display of student work. Students can also be placed in small literacy groups to discuss the story and their work with each other. The available titles are on the 2 posters.

These products are available at both my TPT and  TN stores.